Iceland marriage icelandic women customs are a bit different than those in the US and UK, but you may still find plenty of things to keep the ceremony one of a kind. For instance, you can have wedding and reception photos taken by a waterfall!

Typically the bride’s parents walk her over the aisle. That is a common traditions that has been about for centuries.

One more tradition that has become widely used in recent years is to have groom walk down the interchange with his daddy. This is a very traditional section of the ceremony and 2 weeks . great way to show off the relationship amongst the father and son.

It’s also a lot of fun to have your groom generate a bread toasted to his new better half and her family. This really is a wonderful way to bring alongside one another all the friends at your Iceland wedding.

The Vikings were very religious and they believed that Fridays were a day of Frigga, the goddess of marital relationship. Honoring this, it absolutely was very important to the Vikings that their weddings take place on a Fri.

In case you are having a Viking or Nordic wedding, one of the best ways to add some authenticity through adding a traditional cake! This is known as a Kransekake and it’s therefore adorable!

You can also have your wedding cake drizzled with coffee for the purpose of an added contact of style.

An alternative alternative is to include a toast of wine in your feast day! This is an awesome addition to your Iceland marriage ceremony because it gives an element of beauty and elegance is something that the rugged panorama of Iceland frequently doesn’t have.

Iceland Wedding Practices

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