5 Ways To Sustain an Effective Remote Customer Service Culture

As a customer support rep, you’d directly impact how much revenue your company makes from returning customers. Many companies were resistant to remote working in the past for a variety of reasons. Some companies felt that employees don’t work as hard when their managers aren’t there to lord over them. Other companies believed that the office atmosphere was critical to employee productivity.

  • This new emphasis on customer-centricity demands that companies provide an engaging, satisfying customer experience along with convenient access to their services and products.
  • And, while this might not change what you do for a living, it will certainly change how you do it.
  • Over the past several years, the work landscape changed dramatically and permanently.
  • I agree with this 100 percent, which is why humility is the first thing I look for during the hiring process.

The right tools facilitate team communication, problem solving, and tracking of customer interactions. By having access to the right software tools, like RemoteHQ, customer support teams can provide better service and resolve customer issues more efficiently and effectively. If your business operates internationally, your support team’s ability to speak to customers in their native language will give your business an enormous advantage over many small businesses. Many industries offer remote customer service agent positions, including retail, government, financial services, call centers, and insurance.

Examples of Good Customer Service

86 percent of people say they will gladly pay more for better customer services. Finally, merch is a great way to welcome a new employee into the family. Organize for a branded merch back to be delivered to your new worker on their first day.

The customer service functions with the healthiest culture strike the perfect balance between earned respect and owed respect. If managers only recognize earned respect and otherwise micromanage or are rude to other employees, this creates a toxic atmosphere where employees can’t thrive. However, environments with owed respect but no earned respect lead to too little incentive to do better work. If employees aren’t recognized for the unique achievements they bring to the table, they will be less inclined to go the extra mile. Have you ever heard a business person say, “Customer service is not a necessity”? Customer service is a never-fail resource that will always have a place in any business.

You can build a network within your organization.

I’ve set up our chatbot to send automated messages only during off hours, but during business hours, I make sure there’s a real representative standing by to serve them. We work on response times to be as fast as humanly possible, and we ask questions about what they need and get to know them before requesting a single bit of info from them. This creates security and assures visitors we’re not simply after their contact information. For remote tech support, the most efficient way to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues is by directly connecting to a customer’s computer or mobile device.

Some companies might not hire a CCO but a vice president of customer experience instead. Keeping a positive attitude while working in customer service is specially difficult when customers are being harsh and even illogical. A good customer, however, can turn into a brand advocate after an excellent customer service experience — bringing in more referral business than a marketing campaign would.

It’s Easy to Post and Find Remote Customer Service Jobs From Home Online

what is remote customer service a library of videos that newbies can refer to, whether they want to know how to get set up with your product or need to learn the appropriate tone of voice to take with clients. There’s no doubt that personalisation plays a key role in the customer experience – and video chat arguably provides the most personal support channel possible. The ability to easily configure employee and customer mobile devices remotely instead of having to be onsite to service multiple devices is a huge energy and time saver. If an issue that requires troubleshooting happens outside of regular work hours, an IT professional can provide remote IT support from their own computer or mobile device.


Both your employees and customers will have a positive experience with the instant attention and information. There are a wide variety of customer service roles you can apply for when starting a customer service career. Most entry-level applicants start as representatives or specialists, then move up into more managerial and strategic roles. In other words, if you’re afraid of working in a call center forever, don’t fret — there’s more to customer service than answering the phone. When it comes to a company’s financial performance, it’s all too easy to overemphasize the role of sales and marketing in the firm’s success.

Numerous studies show that family-owned businesses outperform non-family owned businesses in employment and revenue growth. One reason could be the workplace culture of camaraderie and support without judgment. These individuals are always stretching their limits, stepping out of their comfort zones, and reaching out for new opportunities, no matter how uncomfortable.