If you have a degree in computer science, you can easily pick up online jobs as a coder, developer, software engineer, web guru, or programmer. In today’s high-tech society, those who know their way around various computer programs are in high demand. With the right skills, either from experience or online courses, you can tackle this market head-on even without the degree. Depending on the work you choose, you can make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

The latter two may require some experience in those fields, but general transcription only requires that you can effectively turn spoken words into written words. How much you make will depend on the time you put into it and the popularity of the content you produce. Do your research and find something that appeals to both you and your intended audience. Successful bloggers can make as much as five figures per month.

What can single moms do to earn money?

Approximately 22% of interpreters are also self-employed since this job is one that can easily be done from home. If you are an accurate, fast typer and can meet deadlines there is unlimited work for you in the field of data-entry and transcription — especially if you can proofread your own work. The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate will teach you the skills you need to collect, synthesize and present data for your employer — within six weeks. Grant writers pull together the applications businesses and nonprofits use to apply for grants from public and private foundations.

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Part-time roles during tax season can be a good option for parents looking to work from home. Beyond tax season, you can keep the work going year-round by offering other services. These include bookkeeping, payroll processing, and financial planning. Some jobs require special training, a degree or certificate, while others do not. Covid-19 closed many businesses and resulted in layoffs, and many parents were forced to quit their jobs because of a lack of child care.

Project manager jobs

We’ve taken into account the flexibility, earning potential, and ability to work from home. Customer support specialists often are allowed to work remotely. In this role, you’ll answer questions, provide services, and complete transactions by phone, email, or even chat or social media messaging. Depending on the employer, hours may be flexible since many companies offer 24/7 support. In addition, salary and benefits to meet your expenses are crucial when you’re the sole income earner for your family, as is the opportunity for career growth. Especially if you want to save up to buy a home as a single parent or save for college, finding jobs that have both fair compensation and flexibility is key.

  • Credit card companies, travel firms, and hospitality-related businesses hire travel consultants to assist corporate clients with travel planning, booking itineraries, and emergency assistance.
  • If you are a single mom struggling financially and need money, like, right now, check out these 11 Ways To Make Money This Week.
  • Being a mom, you need to showcase all of your skills for parenting and managing daily life.
  • This job involves developing content for sharing via various social media channels and monitoring feedback, as well as looking for conversations your brand can become involved in.

You’ll be amazed at how fulfilling it can be to create stunning websites, all done from home while being there for your child. With determination and the right skills, you can thrive in this industry and positively impact your family’s daily routine. Do you enjoy coding and are passionate about creating websites? best remote jobs for moms You can build distinctive websites for clients as a web developer or designer, work with code, and earn good pay of $78,300 annually while working from home. Take up social media management to benefit from a flexible job with a competitive hourly wage and the chance to use your creative talents.

Best 28 jobs for single moms in 2023

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